art of wrapping


Wrapping is an art, a door that invites you to the lyrical story of Fauna.

1. Concept

The concept of "Fauna Garden" is based on "Life is Beatiful".
The sky is clear blue, the flowers are in full bloom, and the singing and dancing birds and butterflies represent a utopia.
Unique wrapping for me

2. Inspiration

Inspired by concept art.
It is a work of art that expresses the world view of Fauna drawn by artists and designers such as Olga Falk, Saori Miyazaki, and Sachi Miura.

3.Collaborative art

In order to create innovative and one-of-a-kind wrapping artwork,

①Concept creation by the creative director of Fauna Hepburn

② Flower creation by Miwako Nishina, a Japanese flower artist who is active in the world

③Product creation by product designer Hikaru Takizawa

It is a collaboration artwork that combines the wisdom of artists and creators.