Fauna Hepburn jewelry is made with the highest quality materials. To keep your jewelry looking as good as when you first bought it, please see the following care instructions and care instructions.

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Daily handling

In order to maintain the delicate and dignified beauty of Fauna Hepburn's creations, please pay attention to the following points during daily wear.

・Do not expose to water (fresh water, chlorinated water, sea water, etc.) or high temperatures.
Avoid contact with perfumes, cosmetics, soaps, detergents and other chemicals. We recommend that you wear it after the cosmetics and perfume are completely dry.
・After removing, we recommend wiping with a soft cloth before storing.

By paying attention to these points, you can keep it in beautiful condition for a long time.


Please note the following points regarding storage and storage methods.

・Storage location: Store in a cool, dry place, avoiding places with high humidity or direct sunlight.

・Storage method: Store jewelry so that it does not touch each other. In particular, if precious metals or jewels come into contact with each other, it may cause scratches or discoloration, so we recommend storing them separately.

・Cleaning after use: After wearing jewelry, we recommend wiping it off with a soft cloth before storing it. Storing the product with sweat or dirt on it may cause discoloration or deterioration.

By paying attention to these points, you can keep it beautiful for a long time.

By storing it in Fauna Hepburn's Art of Wrapping, we recommend that you can protect your jewelry and decorate your room with Fauna Hepburn's fantastic world view even when you are not wearing it.


To keep your Fauna Hepburn jewelry looking beautiful, we recommend that you clean it regularly.
The type of stone differs depending on the type of stone.
For stones that are professionally cleaned at Fauna Hepburn, we recommend that you request cleaning once a year.

[Cleaning by stone]
◆Diamond jewelry Make a cleaning solution by adding a small amount of liquid neutral detergent to lukewarm water. Soak your diamond jewelery in it for a few minutes to 10 minutes and gently brush with a soft bristle brush. After rinsing it with clean warm water, wipe it off with a soft, dry cloth. If dullness or dirt is strong, it will be easier to remove dirt by soaking for a longer time such as 30 minutes.

However, if a material such as mother-of-pearl that is weak against moisture is set, wipe it off with a dry cloth.

◆It is the same cleaning as sapphire jewelry and diamond jewelry.

◆Mother-of-pearl is very susceptible to heat and moisture, so please wipe it off with a soft, dry cloth. The best wiping cloth is a pearl-specific one. Due to the characteristics of the stone, cleaning other than wiping is impossible even by a professional.
For this reason, Fauna Hepburn will replace the mother-of-pearl part for a fee if it becomes dull due to insufficient use or maintenance over time.

stone properties

◆Diamonds While diamonds have extremely high hardness and toughness, they are also oleophilic, so they are easily absorbed by oil and form an oil film on the diamond surface.

Sweat, sebum, hand cream, cosmetics, etc. prevent the light, which is important for brilliance, from entering the diamond, making it dull.
However, due to its nature, it is resistant to moisture, so it is possible to maintain its shine forever by cleaning it at the right time and with the right method.

◆Sapphire Sapphire has properties similar to those of diamond. Therefore, the care method is the same as diamond.

◆Mother-of-Pearl Like pearl, it is made of organic material, so it is very weak against heat and water, and may discolor if exposed to UV rays for a long time or left in a humid place.
We strongly recommend that you wear it after completing all preparations such as makeup and sunscreen.